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A long, long time ago, on this very planet, man was provided with substantial and credible divinely inspired anecdotal evidence as to the origins of the planet; as well as the origins of all life forms including mankind itself. After tens of centuries of "modernizations," modifications, and translations better suited to support the opinions of those in power; rather than providing clarity, this evidence has not merely been lost, but often transformed into absurdity.

Through painstaking efforts, authors Walker and Quadrakoff have researched this evidence with extensive comparisons of the "modern" terminologies with the correct original terminologies. The result; is a highly documented analysis of precisely what much of this evidence originally was and what it actually means.

The primary purpose of this tome, is the reconciliation of the word of God with science; and to do so in such a manner as to be rendered inarguable by any rational mind. As stated in the Preface: "One must choose between being a "man of science" or a "believer," because they are generally considered to be mutually exclusive. If one agrees that words mean things, then an unbiased fair read of God's Word presents no such paradox. But one must read what God actually said, not merely what one thinks He said, what one was told He said, what one wished He said, or would rather He had said."

Without question, a work capable of success in this endeavor is sorely needed in today's world. It will be left to others to judge what level of accomplishment the authors may have achieved in this regard.

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Volume I "Foundations," is concerned with the analysis of that which logically must be; and that which must then necessarily follow. Genesis 1:1, and the scientific "Big Bang," represent the very same event, but from different perspectives. God could not have resided in a realm prior to its existence; thus proving the existence of this other realm whence came the Universe.

The understanding of this other realm, and its effects on the material realm; is critical in order for man to perform his role as tsâbâ', in order to râdâh and kâbash the earth. These are God's own words and instructions in the original Hebrew.

Great efforts were undertaken to insure that only solipsism could be a reasonable argument against the presented facts, and these inescapable corollaries. The quantity of available information; and the reliability of information is much like a "see-saw." The 66 books of the Bible are agreed to as authentic, so reliability in using them is not an issue. Other "books" may have provided additional information, but at the price of reliability; as there is no clear consensus as to their authenticity, and thus their reliability is suspect. Had they been used, this would have opened the door to rational arguments in addition to solipsism; and thus these were neither "consulted" nor cited.

The title "Alleged Fantasy" is a suitable title, because it incorporates two potential groups of "allegers;" and two definitions of "fantasy." Thus, those who agree that a sufficient level of proof has been met for the facts and the necessary corollaries; will allege the original meaning of fantasy. And those who do not agree that a sufficient level of proof has been met for the facts and the necessary corollaries; for whatever reason(s); will allege the more modern meaning.

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The Malignant Sophistry of Rights Removal by the Far Left

“…under the umbrella of “liberals” or “liberalism;” (as used today); there are actually two separate and distinct groups:

“True liberals believe very much in what they promulgate. They are truly concerned with the welfare of citizens, and they believe in policies that will benefit the same—at least in their view. There are neither nefarious purposes, nor any intellectual dishonesty. Their objective is to improve the quality of life (and longevity), for as many people as possible.

“...Conservatives and liberals can often agree on the ends; but vastly disagree on the means. Giving a hungry person a fish is kind; but to conservatives, teaching him how to fish seems to be a better long term solution. It is not that conservatives object to the temporary giving of the fish; but rather they object to not teaching him how to fish.

“True liberals believe in the dignity of man; and promulgate policies in furtherance of this belief.

“Statists; the other group usually and often erroneously grouped under the “liberal” umbrella; are another matter. It is because of agreements with liberal policy that they are usually grouped under this liberal umbrella; but their motivations, purposes and beliefs are entirely different—arguably antithetical—to true liberalism.”

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[The Opening From Hell]

The Original Monograph - According to the Father, The Christ Son and The Holy Ghost

[ English - 6 x 9 Hardcover ]

  • What is hell? Why is there a hell? What openings from “hell” exist? What is the truth about “Abraham’s Bosom?” And how does this or do these affect man?
  • What are angels? Are angels named such because of structure or function? Precisely why were some angels sent to hell? Is it true that one third were banished to hell, and when did this all happen?

Much of that which is fanciful has been written about these questions. But the answers should not be sought from that which is the product of men’s imaginations—albeit these may provide interesting reading. Rather; the answers should be sought from, and always remain: “according to The Father, The Christ Son, and The Holy Ghost.”

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Wisdom Essentials

The Pentalogy 

           That Which is Difficult If Not Impossible to Find Anywhere Else—All In One Place 

When effects are perceived for which no clearly identifiable cause can be found, this generally leads to speculation. This is best seen with that which we call life. Life is that condition of union or intersection of the material with something else. When that union or intersection with that “something else” is gone, the condition of life as we understand it no longer exists. When this condition of “life” ceases; the material portion which “remains,” is subject to and obeys natural law. But while the condition of life exists, the material portion consistently disobeys natural law, albeit within certain limitations. But since little is actually known about that cause for which the effect is what is known as life, all manner of speculation thrives.

But there are many other effects for which no material cause can be found. In “Donald Trump Candidacy According to Matthew?,” his meteoric rise and seeming inability to fail are explained according to Biblical principles. Since this is a non-political work, his success was not actually prophesied, but no other conclusion could possibly have been drawn—and this was published long before he was even nominated. In “SHÂMAR TO SHARIA," the process of radical indoctrination is analyzed, and is shown to be a perversion of that very same thing God instructed man to do with the Commandments, and how this is not in any way limited to terrorists. “It’s Not Just A Theory” examines the relationship between behavior and longevity according to both science and the Scriptures; and “according to both” also includes major consistencies. “Calvary’s Hidden Truths” reveals many unknown facts about what actually occurred at that time. “Inevitable Balance” scientifically and Biblically explains that which is often observed but rarely understood: Why “What Goes Around Comes Around;” AKA karma, or the “law of compensation.”

Originally published as individual monographs, a need was demonstrated to provide all of this information in one volume. So here is the response to that need. It is titled “Wisdom Essentials The Pentalogy;” and it seems fair to say that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to find this information anywhere else.—QPG, LLC

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About the MeekRaker Monograph  Series:


The MeekRaker Monograph Series was developed as a means of providing knowledge about matters believed to be of interest, and done in a succinct manner.

In today’s information world, there is a seemingly endless bombardment of information.  The prevalence of advertisements alone can easily cause even the most focused into “information overload;” thus losing focus.  Navigating the web now literally requires a new form of “tunnel vision,” just to be able to avoid the influence of the barrage of advertisements appearing in the periphery.  How often is it difficult just to remember what it was that one was searching for in the first place?

The format of the Monograph such that each is concerned with one specific subject, and one specific subject only.  Text is limited to between five and ten thousand words—about right for a read in a single sitting.  Yet the subjects are analyzed in significant detail, and always with appropriate references.

There is an old saying: “Sorry I wrote you such a long letter, but I didn’t have time to compose a short one.”  At QPG we take the time to provide the information in our Meekographs in the most succinct manner possible.  We also endeavor to make these Monographs as affordable as possible.

So set the phone to reject, sit back, kick up the feet, and enjoy.


Shâmar to Sharia

A Monograph concerning the Biblical Roots and Mechanisms of Islamic Radicalization.

There is a worldwide malignancy “out there” known as Islamic Radicalism. Claiming to be engaging in the work of God, these seemingly insane individuals are “on the march,” metastasizing to every location inhabitable by man. Are they merely insane, or is something much more than mere insanity involved? Or is it even a certainty that they are in fact in any way insane?


Calvary's Hidden Truths

After years of misinformation, man can finally take advantage of all that was redeemed at Calvary.

That which is referred to as salvation, redemption, or justification has commonality in Abrahamic religions. It is true that there are different beliefs regarding whether or not it has yet happened, or how it will happen; but each recognizes the need for a Redeemer. Even Job called out for a Redeemer. And with respect to mankind, this is the greatest event that ever happened.

Christians tenets, are such that Christianity recognizes that this has already happened, and observes this Holy Day once per year; on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox.

However; observation and understanding are two entirely different matters. Many observe and arguably celebrate that which is today referred to as Easter, but the trend has consistently been towards allegory and away from actuality.

The reasons for this are many; with the most significant simply being this lack of understanding. And this lack of understanding is the predictable result of the lack of knowledge. And this lack of knowledge is the direct result of the ongoing tendency to rely upon what man has said about what happened on that day; and not what we have been told happened on that day by those who either were present, or those who were alive at that time.

This leads to a reality of that day, which over the generations increasingly makes little or no sense. After all, how does one reconcile things such as the fact that Jesus stated: that like Jonah, there would be three days and three nights from Crucifixion to Resurrection. Yet the common belief is that the Crucifixion took place on a Friday, and the resurrection was Sunday morning? The answer is that one does not. Thus excuses are made for why this makes no sense. “God can do anything,” often proffered as the explanation for inexplicable. For Christians this represents a serious problem, as it was God who made the statement. Or that the Bible is allegorical, and not literal—which it is not and is. And there are many more examples.

These problems do not lie with that which is contained in the Bible, but rather that which man has said is contained in the Bible. The truth is that if the Book is simply read as written, there is little or nothing to reconcile. But because of Bible “versions,” truth can be quite elusive.

Just as important, there are many other events that occurred on that day, the significance of which currently remains unknown. This is either because this knowledge has been lost over time; or until now have never been addressed.

It is important—particularly for Christians, to understand what happened on that day, as it is much bigger than almost anyone realizes. And through painstaking and extensive research of the original terminology, Calvary’s Hidden Truths was written to provide that understanding.

Donald Trump Candidacy According to Matthew?

A Monograph Analyzing the Donald Trump Candidacy—A Biblical Non-Political Perspective

"When (Donald) Trump announced his intentions to run for president, many of the “experts” simply laughed. As the result of being so certain that this “carnival barker” (the words of others), was merely seeking yet more publicity, his “intentions” were simply and summarily dismissed by the “experts.” Early on, Karl Rove was asked about the Trump candidacy and Rove’s response was “Ignore him.” Ed Rollins commented early on that Trump was “not a viable candidate.”"

Yet he "miraculously" became the front runner and remains so. No matter which aspect of his candidacy is examined; he seems to have broken, and continues to break essentially all of the known rules of politics.

Is there any rational explanation for this phenomenon? Does the Bible provide any guidance as to how this could be?

The process is not new, and not unique to Donald Trump. It is just that it has been long forgotten. Find the explanation; understand the mechanisms; and see if the process can work for you.

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It's Not Just A Theory

A Monograph Examining the Relationship Between Behavior and Longevity—According to Both Science and Scriptures

"If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Attributed to Mickey Mantle as well as others; this represents an interesting and seemingly inverse relationship between doing that which is considered “healthy” and the expected result. Although generally stated quasi comically, this paradox nevertheless remains.

Most are familiar with other paradoxical situations where the outcome is much different. Few have not heard stories about the friend, relative, or famous person who did everything “right;” yet nevertheless passed on at an incredibly young age. And there is always that one who did everything “wrong;” and yet outlived even the children of all of his or her contemporaries.


Inevitable Balance

Understanding Why “What Goes Around Comes Around”

We’ve all heard it. “Do unto others…” “Do the right thing for a good reason, and something good will happen to you.” “What goes around comes around.” “You will reap what you sow.” Even “comeuppance,” (usually used in the negative); has the implication of one presenting one’s self not so much for judgment, but for the imposition of a penalty. Here the judgment has already been made, but the penalty not yet imposed. Often the word karma is utilized, with a distinction being made with respect to good or bad karma.

Some in the religious communities will even state: “See God punished him.” But the truth is much simpler than that. In certain senses; whatever one chooses, one simultaneously chooses the opposite. If one chooses to give, one simultaneously chooses to be given to. If one chooses to steal, one simultaneously chooses to be stolen from.

Many do not believe this, simply because the mechanism is unknown.

Learn the mechanism.

“When immaterial kinetic energy is imparted to the material realm, it is generally balanced by some type of motion in the material realm.”—Emma B. Quadrakoff

“Any action which is preceded by conscious thought, is a two-fold phenomenon; having both material and immaterial components.”—Emma B. Quadrakoff