God is Punishing Texas – Really?

To even suggest that the current situation in Texas is in any way God punishing Texas; shows lack of knowledge of both the nature of God and how His system works—and is also quite dangerous.  After all, if God had caused this for whatever reason(s), then by literal definition; (“Satan” means adversary); the enemy would necessarily be the one assisting in the rescue efforts.

To the extent that the Situation in Texas is the result of any conscious will; rather than the effects of causes already in motion; then this would necessarily be the will of the destroyer, and not the Creator.  And thus it would necessarily be the Creator who is behind the rescue efforts.

There is no shortage of foolishness in the world; and fortunately, the 1st Amendment makes it much easier to find.

One might ask why “religious folks” often consider another’s “sins” so much more heinous than their own “sins?”  All agree in general that “all men sin;” but when it gets to specifics about themselves, things get a bit quiet.

These same folks nevertheless go on about how the “sins” of others require “fire and brimstone;” or in this case “hurricanes and floods.”  But their own “sins” are such that forgiveness is the appropriate remedy; and unlike for everyone else; a kind and loving God is also appropriate—but only for them.  Punishing Texas is okay; but for them, only forgiveness.

According to Strong’s, in the New Testament the common word for “sin” is the Greek hamartano; and essentially means to “miss the mark, and not share in the prize.”  Here it is the loss of a positive, and not the imposition of a negative that are the material consequences of “sin”—at least according to the New Testament.

All should be thankful that it is God that is “running the show,” and not any self-appointed representatives.  This type of hypocrisy is in and of itself “sinful,” and quite embarrassing to those of faith.