Below are some of the FAQ regarding our publications.  We understand that some of our publications are controversial and may not comport with certain staunch "religious" views, but Paul spoke of this long ago.  Thus in the spirit of Paul and not feeding the believers a steady diet of milk, our publications endeavor to teach and help those who want to learn to understand God's word and how to apply it to their lives, individually, and to society.

 Why do I need the information in this book?

That depends on one's belief system.  For the staunch atheist, there would be no need whatsoever for the information contained in this book.   For the agnostic, that would depend upon which of the two actual categories of agnosticism applies.  Agnostics are either cowardly atheists, meaning that they simply will not admit they believe God does not exist; or seekers of information in order to arrive at a conclusion.  For the first category, the atheist rule applies.  But for the latter, it is fair to say that more than a sufficient quantity of information is contained in this book to arrive at a reasonable decision.

The overwhelming majority of people believe in God, but often times simply do not understand how certain portions of His word could possibly be true, given what is known to be true (and actually is true) by the secular world.  With respect to many critical issues, there are so many contradictions between what "everyone knows He said" and common sense, that  God is essentially "given a pass" for not getting it quite right.  The fact is that it was not God who did not get it right, but rather those who over the centuries have been responsible for the conveyance of His word.

As one method of obtaining clarity of meaning, the authors researched and utilized the original Hebrew and Greek word translations, as contained in the original 1890 edition of  Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.  These unmodernized, unadulterated translations provide irrefutable proof of the actual meanings——thereby rendering much of what it is believed that God said which is considered by many as impossible to be true, to in fact be literally true, by providing the actual meanings.

In addition, explanations which are both scientifically and scripturally accurate are provided regarding phenomena such as the laws of karma or compensation, evolution, the relative age of the earth, and much more.

Is this just another commentary on the Bible?

No.  This is not a commentary, but rather an analysis.  This analysis is among many other things, the reconciliation of God's word with science, and not the reverse.  Most of contemporary science is accurate, and does not need reconciliation.  But over time, the Bible has been so distorted, as to conflict with known science, forcing many rational minds to render significant  portions or areas of His word as literally false, and thus at best allegorical.   Many others will not even take the liberty of providing an allegorical explanation, and will merely consider His word as nonsense; a "fairy tale" at best.

A commentary generally will provide personal opinion regarding something which is considered to exist by most.  An analysis is not to provide commentary on what is believed to exist, but rather to determine what it is that does exist; to determine precisely what is the truth.   A police crime lab will analyze a substance to determine precisely what it is.  They are not in the business of providing commentary based upon what everyone may believe the substance is.

Will I be told that Jesus got married and had a family?

No.  That  story is believed to have come from the "book of  Phillip;" a book of the apocrypha which is generally considered as non-authentic.   Only the recognized 66 books of the Bible are used.  This process as well as other guidelines are addressed in the Introduction.


Is this a "self-help feel good" book about  Christianity?

Not at all.  There are many people who will "go ballistic" as the saying goes, because of the revelation provided.  This is not because the information is not true, but rather because it is true.


The following are some FAQ received about the MeekRaker Monograph Series. (Meekographs):

 What is a MeekRaker Meekograph?

The MeekRaker Meekograph was developed as a means of providing knowledge about matters believed to be of interest, and done in a succinct manner.

The format of Meekographs, is such that each is concerned with one specific subject, and one specific subject only. Text is limited to between five and ten thousand words—about right for a read in a single sitting.  Yet the subjects are analyzed in significant detail, and always with appropriate references.

How could a Christian have voted for Donald Trump?

Only one decision was necessary.  And that was to decide if these principles; as taught by Jesus; applied to Donald Trump.





Is it true that QPG predicted Donald Trump would win even before he was nominated?

Learn how our readers knew back in April 2016 that Donald Trump would not only win the nomination, but the presidency. The biblical principal that is revealed and explained, is a process that applies to everyone and once understood can be of help to anyone no matter what circumstances you face.

To those who understood the principles involved, it was also understood that only Trump himself could have caused a loss.  He simply could not have been beaten.  On election night, our readers knew; no matter how it may have looked early on; that Trump was to prevail.

This was not in any way based upon type of magic, or anything "mystical;" but merely the knowledge and understanding of the principles involved.


 What is the origin of these?  Are these "Truths" based only the Bible?

In short: The 66 universally accepted books of the Bible, and yes.

There are no impeachable sources utilized.  All facts that appear, also appear in the Bible.  Simply because so much has been overlooked for so long; and so much has been so misunderstood for so long; did not cause the disappearance of these facts.

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