Our Approach

At QPG we endeavor to publish works that are filled with truths that help our readers to learn, to understand and to grow.  To prosper, people must realize that their walk with God goes beyond admitting that there is a God.  God has a unique purpose for each of us; but each person must find that purpose, and understand the rules of the system in which we all live.

Because of various Bible versions and translations, many of these truths have been lost, rendering the Bible often contradictory and thus ineffective.  And over the years, this trend has worsened, leaving the reader perplexed, with no available path to understand what any of it means.

Until now.


Our Story


JB Walker and Emma Quadrakoff began their collaboration of Bible study many years ago, shortly after they had met.  Both had worked part-time in a local supermarket, while attending college.  JB worked as essentially a part-time assistant manager, and Emma was a cashier.  Another employee had given JB a brand new bible, which he kept in his locker.

Their first conversation about the Bible was JB remarking to Emma that "he was trying to understand it, but that it really did not make very much sense to him."  It seems that JB, having a habit of reading magazines from the back to front, had began his Bible studies with the Book of Revelation; not understanding why it was written in such a difficult to understand fashion.  Emma then explained to him that Revelation was probably the most difficult book to understand, and perhaps he should try starting at the beginning.

Over the years, they collaborated on many written projects, all of which were very specific writings for private matters.  They are largely content oriented writers, being much more concerned with factual information rather than writing style.  More likely than not, they might even tend to unknowingly split an infinitive from time to time.

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