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Several years ago, the authors "decided they were getting tired of people trying to make God look like a fool; by stating how ridiculous His word was; because many of the most significant portions could not possibly be true. This is or was based upon the scientific refutation of His word; not necessarily by scientists but based upon science.

"So they embarked upon a project to find out exactly what it was that God actually did have to say about these scientific as well as many other "controversial" matters. The initial results of their efforts comprise MeekRaker Beginnings..." (MeekRaker Beginnings...  About the Authors)

Since that time, the Monograph series was established, continuing the same painstaking analysis of the original terminology, in order to apply these truths to life's everyday circumstances.



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"The Alleged Fantasy Project Volume II Acts" by Walker/Quadrakoff now available in Hardcover and Digital formats.

J. Bartholomew Walker's "Statists Saving One" now available in large print!

Leslie F. Chiffon's "Learning How to be Gay"  and J. Bartholomew Walker's "Statists Saving One" Available in  Classic "Pocket Book" Edition.

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